Prekindergarten Registration

Steps for Enrollment:

  1. Read the eligibility requirements to determine if your child qualifies for pre-k.
  2. Complete the online enrollment form through txConnect or visit any elementary school for more information.
  3. Find the elementary school nearest to you using Infofinder.
  4. Bring the required eligibility and enrollment documents to your nearest elementary school to determine qualification for pre-k.

Required Documentation for Pre-k Registration

Documents needed for PreK qualification.Documentación necesaria para la inscripción de prekinder.

Pre-k Curriculum

Big Ideas in Prekindergarten

  • Clarity in written and spoken language, along with critical listening, demonstrates effective communication.
  • Reading a wide variety of genres expands understanding of the world, its people, and oneself.
  • Numerical Fluency is the wise and appropriate use of numbers and operations with flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency.
  • Communicate using the language of mathematics and mathematical tools to organize their understanding of concepts.
  • People develop, learn, and adapt cultures to create who we are and shape our communities.
  • Science is a way of knowing and learning about the natural world and may not answer all questions.

Activities to help prepare your child for prekindergarten in Leander ISD

  1. Read to and talk with your child each day.
  2. Have your child practice writing his/her name, using a capital letter only for the first letter.
  3. Have your child count objects around the house.
  4. Help your child identify and name the colors.
  5. Have your child look for and name letters and numbers everywhere.
  6. Have your child color, cut and glue.
  7. Have your child play board, educational computer, and card games.
  8. Have your child participate in physical activities outdoors and in imaginative play, like dress up, kitchen, or building with blocks.
  9. Help your child develop good toileting skills.
  10. Hug your child each day.


Where do I go to register my child for pre-k?

You may register your child at the elementary school closest to your home, even if that school does not have a pre-k program. The registrar at that school will begin your child’s registration and let you know which location your child will attend for pre-k.

What do I need to bring to enroll my child in pre-k?

You will need several documents to qualify and register your child for pre-k. Please review the prekindergarten eligibility requirements and required documentation for qualification (below). LISD newcomer enrollment information, including what additional documents are needed to register your child for school in LISD, can be found here.

When can I register my child for pre-k?

Pre-k enrollment is open every school day. You may register your child at the elementary school closest to your house.

Do I need a school supply list to prepare my student for pre-k?

Pre-k does not have a school supply list. We only ask that children bring a backpack, water bottle and change of clothing to keep in his or her locker.


Pre-k Program: (512) 570-0320
School Breakfast/Lunch: (512) 570-0670
Transportation: (512) 570-0700
Volunteering: (512) 570-0029
Campus/District Information: (512) 570-0000
If you have concerns about your child’s growth and development, please call Child Find at (512) 570-0352.

Updated on August 15, 2018

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  1. my name is chandana , I was wondering how to get the language survey from where ? i want to get enroll my 4 years old son for this year ,please provide me the information how to apply for it ?

    1. Hello Chandana,

      Are you asking about the Two-Way Dual Language program we offer for our elementary students, or something else? If so, this link has all the information regarding the language programs.

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