Steps to Sign Up as a Volunteer

Raptor Application
Complete and submit the *NEW* Raptor Volunteer Application
Background Check
LISD will use your application to run a background check. This usually takes 2-3 business days.
Email Reminder
Once approved, an email will be sent to the volunteer containing their login credentials and account information. The Volunteer Portal link can be accessed here.


Parent Information and Confidentiality

As an LISD volunteer, it is important to ensure that any parent and/or student information (including email addresses) you may be given access to, will be treated respectfully and confidentially. Therefore, please keep in mind that parent’s personal email addresses may only be used to communicate on approved topics such as: notification of classroom events, upcoming school functions, school volunteer opportunities, etc. Volunteers should not send unauthorized or non-school related emails to parents’ personal email addresses. This includes emails of a personal nature, emails that advertise or market non-school related items or activities, and emails discussing confidential information about another student, parent, or staff member.

Please note that LISD must comply with privacy laws by ensuring that all staff members and volunteers who have access to confidential information ONLY use that information as authorized. Unauthorized use of confidential information, including parents’ personal email addresses, can result in removal from the volunteer program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has the volunteer not received an approval email?

The email used in the volunteer’s application may have been routed to a junk/spam folder or the email may have been blocked due to a network administrator restriction. The volunteer should contact their email service provider if they have questions about restrictions on their email account.

Will volunteers still be required to print their own badges online?

No, a Raptor sticker will be printed when the volunteer checks in at the front office of the school and should be worn at all times while on campus.

Why did a volunteer receive an email with instructions for printing a name badge, if they are not required?

This email was sent in error. The automated emails for some campuses were not updated prior to the first import and may have contained information from last year. Volunteers are not able to print name badges at home through the new volunteer management system.

How can a volunteer’s approval status be verified at events during the non-school time?

Each campus volunteer coordinator and administrative staff will have a process to verify approved volunteers for events outside of normal school hours.

Here are a few examples:

Option 1: Print off a list of volunteers who signed up on my-pta.org. Only approved volunteers will be able to sign up for a time slot.

Option 2: Login to Raptor from a mobile device and proceed to the Sign in Volunteer process listed above. If the volunteer name populates in the system, then they are approved. If you can not find their name, their application may not be complete.

Option 3: A volunteer coordinator may provide a unique campus/group badge for a specific after-hours function and distribute these badges to approved volunteers only.

As a campus admin/moderator, can I “create” a volunteer profile in the Volunteer Raptor module?

No, this feature will not be activated. If a person is listed under the Volunteer module, they have already been “approved.” If they do not appear in this section, they may not have completed their Volunteer Application or the status may be pending.

Will the current Volunteer/PTA campus website still be active?

Yes, this site will remain functional with the ability to promote, advertise and market volunteer activities, as well as create and sign up for events. As always, once the applicants are cleared through DPS, the approved volunteers will be uploaded to the campus volunteer site.

More information about Volunteering

Updated on October 29, 2018

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