Why would one school receive more or less funding per student than an other?

Leander ISD proudly offers programs and systems of support to meet every student’s needs. In our budgeting, we create equity amongst our schools to support the individuality of every child. Some services require more funds and student populations differ from campus to campus; therefore, funding will be equitable for students but not always comparatively equal amongst schools.

When comparing campus-to-campus, per-pupil funding, the following factors contribute to the analysis:

  • experience of staff,
  • programs offered,
  • student populations and
  • the size of the school.

Funding formulas generate more revenue for students in some specialized programs such as career and technical education (CTE), special education, bilingual education, and gifted and talented education to help support the additional services.

Also, larger schools will generally have lower per-student costs due to staffing formulas for administrative positions (ex. every school has one principal, despite its size) and recently opened schools could be more costly in their initial years as we add new grade levels and new students. Older schools could be slightly impacted as well, as the cost for renovations and improvements impacts their total budget.

For additional information, please review the Texas Education Agency Weighted Funding document.

Updated on March 27, 2019

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