2020 Summer School Information


In light of ongoing concerns about public health and the discouraging of mass gatherings, LISD Summer School will be entirely virtual in 2020. Some summer programs may be altered or cancelled due to continued school building closure and other circumstances.

Academic Summer Camps

Description: Various Academic Summer Camps for elementary & secondary students

Contact: Alicia Westcot, Elementary & Secondary Coordinators

Plan for 2020: In light of COVID and buildings being closed, we will not be offering these programs this year.

Book Bag Program

Description: Invites elementary students who receive SRP support to come and check out leveled books on a weekly basis at several different library locations in order to prevent summer slide.

Contact: Amie Chase

Plan for 2020: Currently exploring different ways to do this type of program virtually in light of COVID 19

Elementary/Middle SSI and Elementary Jump Start

Description: Accelerated Instruction support based off of STAAR performance.

Contacts:   Amie Chase & Alicia Westcot

Plan for 2020: In light of COVID and cancellation of STAAR, we will not be offering these programs this year.

End of Course (EOC) Review sessions

Description: Targeted review for students taking Summer EOC exams

Contact: Alicia Westcot

Plan for 2020: In light of COVID and cancellation of EOC, we will not be offering these programs this year.

English as a Second Language (ESL)/Dual Language (DLE)

Description: PreK & Summer Programs ESL/Dual Language PreK & Summer Programs

Contacts: Tina Dozier & Zaida Avila

Plan for 2020: We are still awaiting guidance from TEA regarding the programs and will update families accordingly.

High School Summer School

Description: High School Summer School is designed for students who desire credit recovery to regain high school credits from previous semesters including Spring 2020 as well as students wishing to take original credit high school courses to accelerate. Course offerings and registration information can be found at www.leanderisd.org/summer

Contact: Alicia Westcot 

Plan for 2020: Original Credit courses will be virtual/remote with a teacher;  Original credit course offerings will be limited this year to Biology, English IV, Geometry, Algebra II, Government and Economics.  These original credit courses will be fully virtual courses with teacher-directed and online lessons. Courses will be graded and will count in GPA.  Students will be required to have a computer and internet access.  Weekly teacher check-ins will be required.   Credit Recovery will be through Edgenuity with a lab manager as a resource.  The CR courses are completely self paced with a “P” as the final grade.

LEEF Book Distribution at Free Meal sites

Description: Donated books from LEEF are distributed to students at free meal sites on Wednesdays in summer

Contact: Amie Chase

Plan for 2020: Looking to possibly combine this with Summer Reading For All this summer.  Will most likely be distributing bags of books once a month at the summer feeding sites.

Library Access

Description: Online reading opportunities available; no library book check out this summer. 

Contact: Becky Calzada

Plan for 2020: In light of COVID and buildings being closed, we will not be able to open our libraries this summer, but we do have a webpage with information on how to access FREE online books, as well as book recommendations for all readers.

Middle School Summer School

Description: Designed for students who failed 2 or more courses in grades 6-8

Contact: Alicia Westcot 

Plan for 2020: In light of COVID and our MS summer model with its SEL component and activities, we will not be offering MS summer school this year.

Special Education Extended School Year (ESY)

Description: Special education Extended School Year is for students who are in jeopardy, based on data, of losing skills that were obtained during the school year on IEP goals and objectives. ESY decisions are made by the ARD committee.

Contact: Lisa Robertson

Plan for 2020: June: Virtual July: *awaiting further guidance from TEA 

Summer Reading for All (SR4A) Book Distribution

Description: books distributed to students for summer reading

Contact: Jennifer Abramson

Plan for 2020: Distributions May 26 at free meal sites.

Summer Testing Information

ACTFL Assessment of Performance toward Proficiency in Languages (AAPPL)

Description: Language Testing for 2019–20, Placement

Contact: Maria Vaso and school counselor

Plan for 2020: If unable to test in person in July/August, remote testing with virtual proctoring.

CTE Certifications

Description: Industry-Based Certifications (IBCs

Contact: Camille Clay and Jamie Everett

Plan for 2020: Working to offer summer opportunities to seniors for certifications that require skill-based, in-person proctored testing when given approval.

Exam for Acceleration (EA) 

Description:  TEA requires Districts to have EA testing windows during specific time frames.  The 2020 June EA testing window is happening but through UT Testing Center providing virtual proctoring.  However, this cannot happen with grades 1-2, so these EAs were canceled for June. For kindergarten, currently, we have a July testing window to provide this EA.  We generally have an October date as well, so new Kinder parents can register if they missed the summer date.

Contact: Kathy Wood & Tamara Porras

Plan for 2020: the July Kindergarten EA window remains, we will contact registered parents whose 1st-2nd grade students’ EAs were canceled and have them tested in July.  We need to know of parent interest by June 15 so we can order EA tests from UT Testing Center in time for the July 13-16 window. If the July Kindergarten EA window is canceled, we will move testing to the beginning of the school year and then move students into 1st grade if they qualify.

Language Testing for PreK

Description: 1:1 for identification of English learners

Contact: Tina Dozier

Plan for 2020: Testing is canceled.  We will move testing to the beginning of the school year, as this testing needs to be done in person. 

Programs for Advancement, Challenge and Enrichment (PACE)

Description: PACE math is  is designed to meet the needs of students who excel or show potential to excel in mathematics. This program provides opportunities for students to challenge their thinking by delving deeper into concepts, enriching and extending their mathematical understanding, and accelerating designated math skills at the next higher grade.

Contact: Dana Nathanson – Elementary Tony Martinez – Secondary

Plan for 2020: Current 2nd-7th grade PACE Math Students will continue to roll up to the next grade level. New-to-PACE qualifying process for current 2nd – 6th-grade students, the screener test that was scheduled for May has been canceled.  New-to-PACE students will be identified by examining each student’s current district data.  Students who meet the recommended criteria will automatically be enrolled into PACE math. New-to-District PACE screener testing for incoming 6th and 7th graders scheduled for July 29 has been postponed to August 17-21.  

Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA)


Contact: Camille Clay and Campus College & Career Transition Coordinators

Plan for 2020: Remote proctoring has been implemented. Each test session is limited to five students. This will continue until such time when testing can resume in person on campus.


Description:  All screening for new to district and returning parent referrals happen at the beginning of the school year and at the end of the school year in April-May on each elementary campus.  It cannot be virtual and includes 1:1 ability testing, so this could not happen this spring. There are 4 to 5 open screening/testing windows during the summer for entering 6th-12th grade students.  At this time, June testing dates are cancelled, and July testing dates are tentative. This cannot be virtual and includes 1:1 ability testing.

Contact: Kathy Wood & Tamara Porras

Plan for 2020: At the beginning of the 2020-21 school year, we will screen all new to district 1st-5th grade students, including those who missed screening in Spring 2020.  This may make the screening/testing window take longer.  QUEST pull-out classes may have to start later due to additional testing needs.  We will monitor the process closely once schools re-open.  If we are unable to physically test in July, middle school and high school QUEST teachers will need to screen/test on campus.  QUEST G/T Director/Coordinator will help support this process with additional staff as necessary.   If students qualify, they will be moved into the QUEST classes.

Updated on June 23, 2020

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