Advertising in LISD

LISD advertising incorporates the district’s core values, mission and vision into a customizable, multifaceted partnership program for businesses in the greater Leander/Cedar Park community, and beyond.

Contact the School & Community Relations department for more information on advertising and marketing with Leander ISD. There are many opportunities available to fit your business goals and objectives.

Check out these great advertising opportunities:

Community Fundraising Notice

More and more companies are offering “free” tokens (such as calendars) to the schools. These companies sell advertising, often totaling thousands of dollars, and they provide the school with a nominal product that contains the advertiser’s name. LISD DOES NOT permit such marketing schemes. The advertising dollars are kept by the vendor and DO NOT benefit the school. Please DO NOT spend your valuable marketing dollars on such companies. To check on any proposed fundraiser, check with our Financial Services office at 512-570-0420.

Community Notice: Beware of Advertisers Claiming to Represent LISD

Local businesses who wish to support LISD are advised to note that companies selling advertising and claiming to represent the district, including campuses and departments, are not authorized to use LISD images, campus logos or school brands (unless they have written proof of permission) and are in violation of the district’s contract with K12 Licensing. Additionally, the dollars they are soliciting are kept by the vendor and DO NOT benefit LISD schools. To verify that a vendor is in compliance with the district’s licensing program, or to learn more about advertising in LISD, contact the district’s school/community relations department at 512-570-0030.

More information about Advertising

Updated on July 12, 2018

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  1. What size ad do you need for the Wednesday folders?

    Is there a form to be completed to submit an ad ?

    1. Hello Debbie,
      You can find the appropriate dimensions the our selection of campus folders on this link here. The link goes to our online store where you can purchase an ad and read the terms and conditions as well.
      I hope I answered your question.
      Best regard,

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