Board Recognitions

Leander ISD takes great pride in recognizing our students throughout the school year. One way in which the district does so is by inviting students and staff to be recognized by the LISD Board of Trustees at the beginning of its regular meeting, usually once a month.

The criteria for recognitions may vary occasionally, but the district tries hard to maintain a standard that is fair across multiple academic, fine arts and athletic fields. The award or honor must:

  1. be a top-3 in state finisher OR national semi-finalist or finalist AND 
  2. be the “end of your award journey” (so if you won state and there’s a national competition, we wait until the national competition is done).

When the above guidelines are unclear as they relate to a certain discipline or field of study, the district works with the program director to ensure that it adheres to these standards as closely as possible.

Updated on December 6, 2019

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