COVID-19: Attendance and Enrollment


How do I enroll or unenroll my student(s)?

If you need to change the enrollment of your student(s), please click here.


Will teachers be taking attendance while our buildings are closed and we are remote learning?

No, under guidelines set forth by the Texas Education Agency waivers are automatically granted for students who don’t meet the minimum attendance requirements for class credit or a final grade. TEA Commissioner Mike Morath made the announcement March 15.

How will the absences policy affect students if they need to be kept home from school due to illness?

In our Board of Trustees meeting March 12, it was decided that any student who needs to stay home as a result of this health crisis will be marked as an “8” in our district attendance system, which is a district-excused absence.

Note: While these will be counted as district-excused absences, they will be included in our automated attendance notification system at the end of the day.

Updated on April 1, 2020

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