COVID-19: Facilities

Cleaning and Custodial Services

What school cleaning procedures are in place to guard against COVID-19?

Our campus custodial staff disinfects campuses each day with hospital-grade products (from our vendor, Kim Paper, a local janitorial supply distributor) to help offset the spread of communicable illnesses, but it takes all of us to ensure healthy school environments.

The custodial staff is using disinfecting wipes to disinfect the high touch point areas, such as doorknobs, light switches, handrails, etc. In addition to our normal cleaning above, we are using electrostatic sprayers to address disinfecting classrooms identified by the district nurse as a priority, based on daily information about the health of our students. 

We are monitoring any information from the CDC as soon as it becomes available and will follow any recommendation for the health and safety of all our LISD students and staff.

What about broken hand soap dispensers in schools?

In coordination with the maintenance department, we are identifying any broken hand soap dispensers and changing them accordingly, having the required inventory of hand soap for students to follow the basic steps of washing their hands as recommended. All broken or vandalized soap dispensers will be replaced by the time students return.

Access to Buildings, Fields, and Playgrounds

Can I go get my belongings that were left in a school or office building?

Campuses are coordinating a schedule for students to return to campus to pick up and drop off items May 18-22. At this time, we are operating under the guidance of our local public health agencies to avoid social gatherings and we are trying to manage the cleanliness of our schools, as our custodial team manages deep cleaning districtwide.

Our nursing staff can connect with students who need access to their medical supplies.

Are the fields and playgrounds open?

Some are, yes. Middle School tracks are open as well as high school tennis courts. All playgrounds, baseball, softball and artificial turf fields will remain closed.

Updated on May 7, 2020

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