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Why does Leander ISD need this administrative committee?

While the District is not required to have a committee centered around school finances, the LISD Board of Trustees embraces transparency, and feels this administrative committee can provide and “up-close and personal” look at how the District’s finances operate.

What is the purpose of this committee?

he purpose of the committee is to provide an additional layer of transparency to our community, specific to the District’s finances.

When and where will the meetings take place?

LISD will host the meetings at the Support Services Building located at 1900 Cougar Country Drive, Cedar Park, TX 78613.  The meetings will be during the week (usually the third week of the month) starting October 26, 2017 through May 22, 2018.

How long will each meeting last?

We will try to keep each meeting to under two hours.

If I miss one or more meetings, will I lose my place on this committee?
No.  We are striving to have 75% of the committee participate each month, and fully understand if there are schedule conflicts.

Will my feedback be welcomed, even if not aligned with the decisions of LISD?

Yes!  LISD is constantly trying to improve our processes, and feedback will always be welcomed from our participants.

Who is the target audience?

The District is striving to formulate a diverse committee which represents as much of LISD as possible (i.e. location and reasons for serving).

How will the application/survey process work?

Returning Financial Leadership LISD members are given the opportunity to continue serving.  To supplement the returning members, LISD opens up the opportunity for the community to apply for the committee.  Each applicant will enter responses in the fields provided.  Finance will not see any of the responses as the community relations team will receive and filter out the names and email addresses before providing finance with the redacted file.  From there, the blind process commences to ensure a cross-sectional group of citizens are selected to fairly represent our 200 square miles.

When is the deadline for submitting an application?

The deadline is Friday, September 29, 2017.

Will my application be subject to the Public Information Act?

Yes, all applications submitted will be subject to the Public Information Act.

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Updated on July 12, 2018

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