Important Information for Parents Regarding Video Meetings

Over the next few weeks, Leander ISD will be introducing a variety of new services to expand opportunities for distance learning. These services will include features like managed video conferencing and other collaborative tools that have not been broadly available to LISD students before now. During this transition, Leander ISD  will continuously monitor and optimize the features of these services to provide the best possible experience for students and families. While our goal is to create the smoothest possible transition from traditional learning, it is important to recognize that, just like any use of technology by children, some degree of parental supervision may be required. With that in mind, we are committed to minimizing burdens on families by providing practical guidance and suggestions for use of these new services. We are confident they will allow our staff and students to innovate and grow during this time of change.

Keeping in mind that our students may not all have the same access, we wanted to provide a few updates to Google Hangouts Meet and Zoom that will help with teacher/student communication. 

  • Google Hangouts Meet has been opened to include all students. Students may participate in a meeting but will not be able to start meetings. We recommended that the teacher invite the students by notifying the parent of the upcoming video conference.  The student account should sign into their Chrome browser.  
  • Leander ISD students can access Zoom, however, students should NOT create accounts per Zoom’s privacy policy including signing up/in with Google.  If a teacher would like to use Zoom with students, they should email the link to the student or post in the Google Classroom. Students do not need Zoom accounts to attend a Zoom meeting. There may be limited technology support for staff and students at this phase of implementation. 
Updated on March 30, 2020

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