Who are our HEROES?

Caring adults who have a Heart for EncouragingRespectOptimismEnthusiasm and Self-confidence with our students while providing guidance and support to cultivate personal, social and academic development. These everyday people — parents, community members, business professionals —are just like you!

A child is waiting for you to become their hero…

Who Is In the Program?

Students participating in the program come from different backgrounds, have a variety of interests, and a wide range of ages. They may need help with academic achievement, character development, problem-solving skills, improving self-esteem, relationships with adults and peers, and school attendance. A teacher, counselor, or parent can recommend students for the program, or a student may ask for a mentor. We must have parent permission in order for a student to participate in the program.

How can I become a HEROES mentor?

Do you have a student who would benefit from a HEROES mentor?

  • Complete the Parent Permission Form | En español
  • Return completed form to the campus counselor
  • Counselor will match the student with a mentor within the following two weeks.


Contact Shannon Lombardo at 512-570-0029


More information about Mentoring

Updated on December 12, 2019

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  1. My husband and I have signed up to volunteer but we are unable to find the times of the volunteer training. I found them yesterday, but I can’t get back to that screen. We will be gone some in Sept. so we would like to take the training as soon as possible.

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