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The Global Cultures and Languages Department from Leander ISD offers this page as a support for multilingual families to find common educational resources in different languages. Some of our resources are created in-house by different departments, and some are from different sources that have been revised for general use. These resources are useful tools for a virtual and in-person learning environment, get to know safety resources, cultures and educational resources and district news. The library is updated periodically as new resources or updates occur.



General LISD platform used by students to access all instructional resources in one place. Students need their credentials to log in.

Launchpad es la plataforma institucional de recursos digitales de LISD. En esta se albergan todas las aplicaciones que el estudiante necesita para sus diferentes clases.

Launchpad instructions available in:

Arabic | Chinese | English | Hindi | Korean | Russian | Spanish | Telugu | Vietnamese


Digital portfolio used by LISD students in PreK-2 to upload assignments, review work in an interactive platform to communicate easily with teachers. SeeSaw is one of the resources accessible through the LISD Launchpad.

El portafolio digital SeeSaw es uno de los recursos usados por LISD en grados PreK-2 para entrega de trabajos, revisar tareas y participar en una plataforma interactiva apropiada para los estudiantes más pequeños. SeeSaw puede accederse desde el Launchpad de LISD y su maestro le informará las credenciales o códigos de acceso de su clase.

SeeSaw instructions for parents and students available in:

Arabic | Chinese | English | Hindi | Korean | Russian | Spanish | Telugu | Vietnamese


Videoconference platform used by Leander ISD for live classes (synchronous instruction). Teachers deliver instruction via Zoom using the LISD Zoom licensed account. Zoom is accessible through Launchpad and students the first time are asked to join the account, using their Google LISD credentials.

La plataforma de videoconferencia Zoom es usada ampliamente en Leander ISD para clases en vivo (también llamadas sincrónicas). Los maestros dictan clase a través de Zoom con las cuentas institucionales de LISD. Zoom puede accederse desde Launchpad y a los estudiantes que la usan por primera vez se les pide usar sus credenciales de Google de LISD para activar su cuenta. Instrucciones disponibles en varios idiomas.

Zoom instructions with Google available in:

Arabic | Chinese | English | Hindi | Korean | Russian | Spanish | Telugu | Vietnamese


Leander ISD uses Istation which is a computerized learning program used for Reading (K through 5th grade) and includes an integrated assessment. Istation provides students with engaging individualized learning paths, as well as online and print resources.

Leander ISD usa el programa Istation, el cual es un programa de aprendizaje digital utilizado para lectura de grados Kinder a quinto, el cual incluye una evaluación integrada. Istation proporciona a los estudiantes con caminos de aprendizaje motivantes e individualizados, así como con recursos digitales e impresos.

Instructions for remote ISTATION assessment tool available in:

English | Spanish | Vietnamese


In Leander ISD students also use Google Classroom and G Suite for classes and submit assignments. Teachers set up their own classrooms and have a specific code at the beginning of each course for students to join and start reading the materials and organization of the class.

Google has instructions and tutorials in several languages to practice the resources and features of Classroom.

English | Español | Portuguese | Chinese | Russian | Japanese | Korean |


En Leander ISD los estudiantes usan Google Classroom y la Suite de recursos de Google para sus clases y entrega de tareas y trabajos. Los maestros configuran sus propias clases y con un código específico crean un grupo para los estudiantes cada que inicia un curso. El maestro enviará este código al inicio del año escolar, y los estudiantes deben visitar la página para unirse a cada clase en particular o desde su plataforma Launchpad donde también encuentran un enlace.

Google tiene instrucciones y tutoriales para familiarizarse con el uso de Google Classroom en diferentes idiomas:

English | Español | Portuguese | Chinese | Russian | Japanese | Korean |


Resources representing cultures and countries to encourage learning, literacy and a love for reading, knowing and recognizing the many voices our cultures represent in LISD. We can all learn from each other, enjoy!

Colorín Colorado (Spain): resources for literacy in Spanish, books and authors, bilingual education.

Phet Interactive Simulations (USA): University of Colorado. Resources in Spanish for Science, with interactive simulations and experiments.

Unite for Literacy (USA): Free interactive books for children, thematic library and audio features.

Bibliocirco-Biblioteca Comfenalco Antioquia (Colombia): Workshops, read aloud, authors and literature.

Exposición interactiva El Libro de la Selva de Rudyard Kipling (Colombia): Biblioteca Comfenalco-Antioquia. Interactive exhibit “The Jungle Book”, Rudyard Kipling.

Diccionario de la Real Academia de la Lengua Española – RAE (Spain)

National Library of Korea (South Korea): digital collection, rare books. Site available in English and Korean.

Culture Traditions: UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). Expressions of the world´s cultural diversity. Multimedia collection.

Tagalog language and culture (Filipinas-Filipino-Philippines): Learn about the culture and Tagalog language in an interactive page that combines history and language.

Vietnamese language and culture (Vietnam): Learn about the culture and Vietnamese language, in an interactive page that combines history and language.

Arabic culture through language and literature (various Arabic countries): Literature online catalog. Hathitrust Digital Library, research library.

ESL – English as a Second Language

The Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools

Resources and glossaries in multiple languages for EL families, prepared to use with core curriculum areas. Used by ESL teachers and students to support both languages with appropriate use of linguistic concepts. Glossaries for math, algebra, ELA, social studies, science.

Source: New York University

Available: English, Multilingual.


Prepare to go to back to classes in person in LISD (poster):

What students and families can prepare at home before coming to classes in person.

Audience: Families

Available in: English | Spanish

LISD COVID-19 Health Response Handbook

Audience: Families and staff.

Available in: English | Spanish (HTML-PDF)

Protect yourself and others: How to wash your hands properly

Audience: families. Source:

Available in: Spanish | Portuguese | Arabic | Urdu | French | Chinese

Cómo lavarte las manos apropiadamente (Spanish)

何时以及如何洗手 (Chinese)

Quando e como lavar as suas mãos (Portuguese)

Quand et comment se laver les mains (French)

متى وكيف تغسل يديك (Arabic)

اپنے ہاتھوں کو کب اور کیسے دھوئیں (Urdu)


Get to know the latest news from Leander ISD, new resources, programs and important updates. This newsletter is sent to all parents and families via Remind, published in the institutional social media outlets, and replicated by campuses. Most recent versions are also posted here for your convenience.

Available: English, Spanish


January 13th: The Compass Newsletter (English) – Boletín Informativo The Compass (Spanish)


December 16th: The Compass Newsletter (English)Boletín Informativo The Compass (Spanish)

December 2nd: The Compass Newsletter (English) Boletín Informativo The Compass (Spanish)

November 20th: The Compass Newsletter (English)Boletín Informativo The Compass (Spanish)

November 11th: The Compass Newsletter (English)The Compass Newsletter (Spanish)

October 28th: The Compass Newsletter (English)The Compass Newsletter (Spanish)

October 14th: The Compass Newsletter (English)The Compass Newsletter (Spanish)

September 30th: The Compass Newsletter (English)The Compass Newsletter (Spanish)

Updated on January 14, 2021

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