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Slack in Leander ISD

Find training for Slack in this Google Doc (LISD staff only)

Leander ISD piloted Slack as a collaboration and internal communication tool for the School and Community Relations team, the Superintendent’s Cabinet, and its COVID-19 emergency response during the 2019-20 school year.

The district is launching the tool for all schools and staff in the 2020-21 school year.

Slack is a collaboration hub that can replace email to help you and your team work together seamlessly. It’s designed to support the way people naturally work together, so you can collaborate with people online as efficiently as you do face-to-face.

Accessing Slack

Employees need to have their email address and passwords available. Visit leanderisd.slack.com or use a mobile app (enter leanderisd.slack.com on the configure manually prompt) to access our Slack workplace. Using the Azure button, employees can enter their @leanderisd.org email address and password to access Slack.

Training for Slack

You can access the in-progress training modules via this Slack Training Google Doc (staff only). The Slack website also has a ton of great resources available for learning.

Virtual Webinars in June 2020

We will be hosting virtual webinars and virtual office hours the weeks of June 15 and June 23. Find more details and registration links on this Google Doc (internal only).

Support for Slack

Once your in Slack, you can access the #scr-slack channel to ask us questions. You can submit a Let’s Talk if you need help with logging in or creating a group or channel.

Updated on June 12, 2020

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