Student Information System Update Sept. 27

Digital Report Card Information

Leander ISD has transitioned to online report cards and progress reports, which can be accessed (viewed and printed) by students and parents through the Home Access Center tool. 

If you have not yet logged into your Home Access Center account, please do so prior to the release of report cards to ensure the system has all of your students.
You can access report cards in Home Access Center on middle and high school students the week of Sept. 30 and elementary school students the week of Oct. 21.

If you have any issues, please complete a customer service request (Let’s Talk). While LISD is working quickly to address customer service requests, please allow 3 business days for resolution of your issue. If you are unable to access Home Access Center and your family needs a printed report card, please contact your campus registrar.

Grade Book Alerts – 

eSchoolPLUS triggers grade alerts off the due date of the assignment, not the grade itself. If a teacher enters a grade within two days of the due date, a corresponding grade alert is sent to parents. If a grade is entered beyond the due date, an alert would not be sent. Leander ISD does not feel the current configuration of eSchoolPLUS alerts works well for our teachers or our families and we have requested a product enhancement for changes. We will update our families and teachers in October. 

Home Access Center & eSchoolPLUS Family 

eSchoolPLUS has two options for parents and students to access student information:

While both systems contain student information, the mobile app version is designed to give a snapshot. If you are using the mobile application and are interested in looking at detailed grade information, please make sure you are looking under the Classwork icon. Once in the Classwork area, you will need to scroll left and right by week to see specific grade details. Also, please remember that teachers have the ability in the grade book to weigh assignments differently depending on the assignment category and tasks. This information is not easily seen on the mobile application, but is available through the Home Access Center website.

Technology Building Maintenance May Affect Services on October 5

A new generator will be installed at the LISD Technology building Oct. 5. While we do not anticipate the work will affect power to the data center or impact services, we could experience an intermittent outage between 10 a.m. and noon. Should an outage occur, this could impact students’ VPN access and accessing the Internet via their district-provided devices.

Updated on September 27, 2019

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