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What is the plan for the summer strength and conditioning camps?

During the month of June, hopefully beginning June 8, LISD will hold Strength and Conditioning Camps for grades 7–12. These camps will be held at all six high schools and will be outdoors only. Our coaches are excited to have this opportunity and are working hard to put plans in place that will follow guidelines from the UIL in order to create safe environments for athletes and staff. Registration starts June 1, so check out the Leander ISD Athletic Department webpage to get registered and for more details regarding the camp, you will attend. Please contact the camp director if you are interested in scholarship information. Additional camps we may be able to offer in July will be determined in late June, so stay tuned and keep checking out our website for updates.

Who do I contact if I am having an issue registering my child?

Please contact the camp director of the camp you are wishing to attend or call the LISD Athletic Office at 512-570-0167.

Do I register my child using the grade he/she just completed or the grade they will be in next school year?

You will use the grade that your child will for the upcoming year when registering for camps. 

How many camps can my child attend?

There are no restrictions on the number of camps if your child is entering grades K-6 for the upcoming school year. If they are entering grades 7-9, they may only attend two camps per team sport (football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, and soccer) with the coaches from their zoned high school. In addition to attending the team sport camps, the camper would be able to attend their campus’ Strength and Conditioning camp.

Can my child attend the quarterback camp, and the football team camp my zoned high school is hosting?

If your child is entering grades 7-9 for the upcoming school year, these two camps would count as the two camps for football now allowed by UIL. This is the same for basketball with a shooting camp, and a fundamentals camp. If it is a team sport, you can now attend two camps for that specific sport. It would be a UIL violation to attend more than two.

Can my child attend a volleyball and softball camp?

Yes, since they are different sports, your child could attend both camps during one summer.

Are there any restrictions on Strength and Conditioning camps?

Yes, you can only attend the strength and conditioning camp for the high school your camper is zoned for, or already has an approved LISD transfer to another campus. Attending a strength and conditioning camp does not impact attendance of sport specific camps. Only incoming 7-12 graders may attend the Strength and Conditioning camps.

Do camps require any special gear or ability level?

The camps are organized by grade level and the coach will organize the camp based on the age and skill level within the camp to provide a safe and challenging environment. Any special equipment or needs should be listed in the camp brochure. If you have any additional questions about the camp, do not hesitate to contact the director of that specific camp.

Are refunds issued if my camper is unable to attend the camp?

No refunds will be issued.

Is there a service fee for registering for camps in the Rank One camp store?

Yes, the is a small convenience fee applied at the time of checkout.

Will my child be tackling during football camps? Do we need to have a helmet and equipment for football camps?

Football camps are not allowed to have helmets or football pads. Your child will only need athletic shorts, shirt, and shoes for the camp. Full contact will not be practiced during the camp.

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Updated on June 4, 2020

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  1. Per the website strength and conditioning for Glen HS is June 10th – May 23rd. Is this correct?

  2. If my 9th grader attended the Elite 1 basketball camp, can he attend the Elite 2 basketball camp?


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