Timekeeping Expectations for LISD Employees During Phase 2 of Remote Learning

     With Phase 2 of the COVID-19 closure and the remote work expectations that go with it, there are many questions regarding how employees are to record time worked and whether or not employees should be clocking in. Exempt employees will continue to work remotely without the need to track actual time worked. ONLY hourly employees are required to keep a record of time worked while working remotely.

Exempt Employees

  • LISD will continue to pay all employees for their normally scheduled hours per week, regardless of time actually worked.
  • If you were not required to track your hours worked prior to the COVID-19 closure, you are not required to do so now.

Non-Exempt/Hourly Employees

  • LISD will continue to pay hourly employees for their normally scheduled hours per week, regardless of time actually worked. However, as an hourly employee, if you are engaged in work-related duties, you must track your time accordingly. Therefore, for any hours that you actually work, please submit these hours in Kronos.
  • Kronos will temporarily be accessible from your device through the LISD Staff Web page.  
  • The requirement to clock in/out is only necessary when actually performing district work.  DO NOT clock in/out if you are not working.  This requirement applies to both monthly and bi-weekly non-exempt staff.
  • Under NO circumstances should non-exempt (hourly) staff work more than 40 hours per week.
  • Bi-Weekly hourly employees will continue to use the Kronos clocks for time worked.  If access to a time-clock is unavailable, Dept. Directors will provide employees with the proper time sheet from the Payroll Dept.
  • Missed punches for all employees will still be handled in the same manner missed punches were handled prior to the closure. Bi-Weekly employees can reach out to their supervisor for instruction. 
  • The Payroll Department will be contacting reconcilers and approvers with more information for reconciling time.
  • Any questions you might have should be directed to your supervisor.

Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication to our community during these challenging times.

Updated on April 3, 2020

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