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Steps to Sign Up as a Volunteer

Register to Volunteer

Already registered and approved? Login here.

Background Check
LISD will use your application to run a background check. This usually takes 2-3 business days.
Email Reminder
Once approved, an email will be sent to the volunteer containing their login credentials and account information. Email communications will be sent from the domain ezcommunicator.com – be sure to whitelist this domain so volunteer information will not be lost or sent to a spam folder.


Parent Information and Confidentiality

As an LISD volunteer, it is important to ensure that any parent and/or student information (including email addresses) you may be given access to, will be treated respectfully and confidentially. Therefore, please keep in mind that parent’s personal email addresses may only be used to communicate on approved topics such as: notification of classroom events, upcoming school functions, school volunteer opportunities, etc. Volunteers should not send unauthorized or non-school related emails to parents’ personal email addresses. This includes emails of a personal nature, emails that advertise or market non-school related items or activities, and emails discussing confidential information about another student, parent, or staff member.

Please note that LISD must comply with privacy laws by ensuring that all staff members and volunteers who have access to confidential information ONLY use that information as authorized. Unauthorized use of confidential information, including parents’ personal email addresses, can result in removal from the volunteer program.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am a current Leander ISD staff member, do I still need to register/update a volunteer profile to volunteer at a campus or district event?

Yes, current LISD staff members (including substitutes) planning to volunteer must create/update their volunteer profile each year. A background check will NOT be run as long as the “District Staff” box has been selected and verified. This profile will allow the volunteer to log hours, receive communications and sign up for specific events.

I am trying to login using my credentials from last year, but the system does not recognize my username. How do I get logged in?

EZVolunteer is a new registration system this year for LISD, and we will need for ALL volunteers (new and returning) to complete a new application.

I completed my application a few weeks ago, but have not received an email or heard anything, how do I know if I have been approved?

First, make sure you have checked your junk/spam email folder. The email will come from *Leander ISD Central Office <leanderisdvolunteers@ezcommunicator.com>. You can also login to EZVolunteer profile with the username and password you created during registration: click the 3-bar drop down menu in the top left and select Volunteer / Background. There will be a box at the bottom showing your Background Status.

Can I print my name badge at home and bring to the campus?

Volunteers will not be able to print their own badges; however, the campus volunteer coordinator has the capability of printing, if this is the approved campus process.

Will the current Volunteer/PTA campus website still be active?

Yes, this site will remain functional with the ability to promote, advertise and market volunteer activities.

More information about Volunteering

Updated on August 22, 2019

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  1. I signed up to volunteer but chose a training location outside the ISD I want to volunteer in. I later read I need to train in the same district. I want to volunteer at a Plain Elementary in LISD so need to change my training site.

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