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Steps for Adding Your Contact Information to Your School Website

District Log-in

Make sure you have your district log-in information, firstname_lastname and the password you use for your LISD email address.


Complete this short tutorial to create an account on your school’s website.


Complete this short Google Form so a member of our School and Community Relations team can categorize your name in the appropriate area of your school’s website.

Staff Member at Multiple Schools

Complete the same process listed above for your first campus. Once completed, go to each additional campus website and simply log-in. Please complete the categorization Google Form for each you campus you support.

Update Teacher Website in the Web Directory

To update information for an existing profile, navigate to your campus homepage, click the Login button in the top right corner, and follow these instructions to update your profile.

Update Teacher Team Website in the Web Directory

To update the information for a team profile, please fill out this form and the district webmaster will assist you.

Change My Website Directory Last Name

When your last name changes, you will follow these instructions as if you were a new employee because a new profile needs to be created.

To remove the profile with your old last name, please fill out this Google Form and leave a comment in the “Additional Comments” section asking to have your old last name removed.

Updated on June 6, 2018

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