What is Leander ISD doing to manage long bus routes and keep student safe on school buses without air conditioning?

Capacity on School Buses

The legal capacity on LISD school buses ranges from 72 to 77 passengers. The district assigns school bus routes for middle and high school students with a capacity of 55 students per bus.

While state law requires every student to be in a seat, students can sit three to a seat if they do not extend into the aisles. If you or your student is witnessing students seated in the aisles, please contact the Transportation office at 512-570-0700 with the bus route number.

Air Conditioning on School Buses

The Leander ISD school bus fleet has 252 buses. Only 72 special education buses have air conditioning.

Board to Consider Air Conditioning

Administration is exploring the cost to retrofit the bus fleet with air condition and will present a cost analysis for an equitable implementation strategy to the Board of Trustees;

Build 2 Additional Transportation Centers

LISD will construct additional transportation centers in the North, across from Glenn High School, and the South, near Grandview Hills Elementary School. This will allow for regional bus routes, which are more efficient.

Bell Schedule Adjustments

Districtwide Educational Improvement Committee (DWEIC) will evaluate bell schedule adjustments for high school and middle schools, factoring for potential impact on school and non-school activities, and bus schedules.

Updated on August 31, 2018

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